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Sometimes, Cursing Does Help.


Last weekend, I finally got around to installing some new parts on my Antec Aria Case. Around the end of last year, the card reader had quit working, and one of the LEDs was constantly blinking. So I emailed Antec, and they sent the parts right over.

I'm a reasonably competent computer technician, but I had trouble installing these. No instructions were included, and it was a pretty complicated install. The worst part was getting the old faceplate off - it was screwed on in the middle, and it took me a good bit of yanking before I discovered the screw. Once discovered, it was tricky to reach the screw - it was right in the middle of the case, near the bottom. I had to pull out the entire drive mounting mechanism, and there was quite a bit of cursing.

Oh well. The new parts fixed all my issues once I got them installed. This computer should continue working for quite a while yet; unless I get into digital video. I still won't hesitate to buy an Antec case in the future.


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