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Got Mac.


My Macbook Air came this week. It's just as delightfully slim and just as sleek as you'd imagine. I got Firefox installed with only a bit of trouble. This may be obvious to you Mac users, but I was confused when Firefox wanted me to drag it to the fonts folder. Turns out, that's not the fonts folder — that's the applications folder.

But it's not all chocolate and roses with the Macbook Air either. We did have trouble installing the CS3 Master Collection. You see, there's no optical drive on the MacBook Air. So we connected my Macbook Air to the husband's Macbook over the network, so as to borrow the husband's Macbook's DVD drive. Unfortunately, this made the CS3 installer (which normally runs like molasses) about as slow as ...something really slow. Since it was so slow, I quit babysitting, and did some dishes. When I came back, both Macs had fallen asleep. I started them back up, but the installer kept insisting that it couldn't find CS3 Disc One. The husband did some magic with his USB hard drive, and he eventually got the install completed, but the Installer said there was a problem with Photoshop, and we should re-install.

Long story short, here's my advice should you need to install CS3 (or any of it's components) onto your Macbook Air via Drive Sharing: Do not let either Air or other Macbook fall asleep. Babysit them, or disable all of the power saving options until the install is complete. Be sure you've got the computers connected to power.

An even better option is, if you have a USB hard drive, use it to make disk images with your other Mac, hook the USB drive the to the Macbook Air, and then install from those disc images. It's going to be a lot quicker that way.


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