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I'm Incredulous. And You Would Be Too.


I started writing this at work, which is a rarity. I'm waiting to download a 50 meg file from an agency for the second time. This wouldn't be such a big deal if it didn't take 35 minutes to download this file, or if it weren't 5:30 pm, or I didn't really need this file. This is really frustrating.

The first time I downloaded the file, it also took about 40 minutes. Then after I got the cursed thing, the .zip file was corrupted. The last time I had to wait this long for a 50 meg file, which isn't really that large any more, was before I switched to high speed internet.

It got to be such a desperate situation that I asked one of the project stakeholders to call the agency and see if anyone were still at the office. I could walk down there and back in half an hour and get my files. But no one was at the agency. Eventually some muckedy-muck called and said that some of their downloads were corrupted because there was a traffic accident near the agency. Or at least that's the message that was relayed to me.

Really? A traffic accident is causing the failed file download? That's horse crap of the steamiest kind. If that is the case, then your file server is completely unsuitable for the job to begin with. I'm pretty sure that's actually the case, given the tremendously slow downloads I get from that server anyway.

Later: Well, I got the file on the second download. But many of the press releases that I laboriously encoded are messed up. It looks like they just pasted straight out of Word - which of course doesn't encode quotes, dashes, apostrophes, trademark and registered symbols correctly. Now I'm going to have to go back and fix it all. Ug.


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