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Yes, that Widemile.


My company, Widemile, finally made our big awesome secret announcement today. And we had a website to go with it. :) This is really huge news if you're a marketer who spends money on pay per click advertisements. Or someone who provides web services for one of those marketers.

For about 2 years, Widemile has provided full service landing page optimization. A landing page is where you go after clicking an ad, such as the ones at the bottom of my site. Each time those ads are clicked, the advertiser pays a few bucks to the ad-server (Google, for instance) and the clicker is taken to the advertiser's webpage - the landing page. A well designed landing page is going to entice visitors to convert - for example, to sign up for a newsletter or buy a shiny new widget. Landing page optimization is the process of refining those landing pages to get visitors to convert; to do whatever it is that the advertiser wants.

Widemile has an awesome platform that we use to optimize the pages. Our platform automatically tries various elements on the page, and measures which elements are effective in getting visitors to convert. The big announcement is that instead of just doing this for our customers, we're going to let partners use the platform to help their customers out.


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