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Baking Lab: Chocolate Chip Cookies.


I'd been disappointed by recent batches of chocolate chip cookies that I'd made. The "control" cookies (made using the recipe on the bag of chocolate chips) were too flat, and too gooey / greasy for us (the husband and myself). I thought that my problem might have been old baking powder, but for this experiment I had bought fresh chemicals.

Last month, I attempted to correct these imperfect cookies by dropping the standard recipe cookies into mini-muffin tins instead of directly onto the Silpat. This method did work to prevent spreading, but the edges of the cookies climbed up the side of the muffin tins, without cooking the middle to a more satisfactory consistency.

This weekend, I conducted another experiment in the quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I replaced one of the two sticks of butter called for by the recipe with half a cup of shortening. This worked out quite well - the cookies are taller, with that lovely "baked" crust, and nice soft filling. Very satisfactory, but not quite perfect.

I will continue with experiments, and keep you updated on progress. The very day after my most successful experiment, cooking mad scientist / culinary Prometheus Alton Brown provided many deliberate substitutions for specific results on his Food Network show Good Eats. It was a prophetic show, and I'm looking forward to trying the variations. I hope the husband doesn't get tired of fresh baked cookies.


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