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Hooliganism Managed.


This weekend we went with my sister and friends to see the Portland Timbers versus the Seattle Sounders. Being Portland ex-patriots, and being in the company of rabid Portlanders, we sat in the Timbers Army section and cheered for the Timbers.

The game was pretty fun. The players made some exciting moves in the 0 - 0 season opener. Sitting with the Army was pretty exciting - they're very energetic and do a great job of bringing the crowd up. But it seems like the original bawdy flavor of the Army is souring a bit from all-talk to a dangerous and un-fun leaning towards fisticuffs. Oh, nothing big happened; a few water bottles were pitched towards the linesman, and there was a little testosterone display when some Sounders "spies" came over and yelled some stuff.

All in all it was fun. And I'm greatly looking forward to going to some games next year. I'm just not sure if I'm ready to be a rabid "FC Supporter" like the Timber's Army.



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