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Reasons to Quit Smoking.


Beyond all of the obvious benefits of quitting smoking (such as an extended lifespan and a fatter bank account), let me offer a few other reasons to quit for any smokers out there.

Pompoonette Pompoonette

If I can quit smoking, everybody can quit smoking! I recommend the gum. When I was smoking outside, I knew, just knew the nonsmoking insiders were praying for my nicotine-stained soul, which didn't seem to help as much as the gum.

Janet Janet

I wish everyone who smokes could see the suffering my father endured when he was treated for lung cancer. People seem to think they are invincible, or they simply don't think far enough down the road. The doctor told me that long time smokers who quit can have lung cancer show up 10-20 years later. Kudos to Maggie for quitting.


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