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RIP Edith Macefield.


A while ago, I talked about the little old lady (Edith Macefield) whose house was being eaten by a proto-Trader Joe's. Edith has passed on. All she wanted was to spend her days in her house. Congratulations Edith; you got that.

There are some charming post-scripts to Edith's story. The company doing the new construction make some preparations for absorbing Edith's lot into the building; should it become available. I'll be very interested to see how that works out. Second, a construction manager took care of Edith (groceries, errands) and she may have left the house to him.

Katie Katie

One more thing - they decided it was OK to tear down the closed Denny's with the fancy roof. (There's a nice period picture if you follow that link.)

And my commenting system is a little broken. (Sorry! I'm working on it.) Avoid using apostrophes and quote marks. I'll fix them manually (as I did here) if their absence bugs me. Which it will. Shoot me an email if you find out anything else.


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