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Won't Someone Please Play with Me?


I've been playing a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the rift. A lot. I've been playing on the bus, during televised soccer matches and before bedtime.

Once again, I find the FFTA's job system (with skills learned via equipment) very addictive. The gameplay additions in this sequel aren't revolutionary, but I'm enjoying them. If you would like a hand-held tactical game, particularly if you skipped the first FFTA, I encourage you to pick this up.

There are some features of this game that I can't use until I find some real life friends with FFTA 2. There's some kind of raffle available if I can hook up with someone else over local wi-fi. Not on-line, though.

Does anyone else have this game? It'd be pretty darn sad if I had to hang out outside of PAX and accost strangers during lunch next month.


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