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My Evening at Refresh.


I went to last night's Refresh Seattle talk. The presenter was the head designer of a new document sharing / extra-net service, and he talked about the problems encountered with designing the behaviors of the service. I was particularly impressed by how they simplified the sign-up process. Users hate to sign up.

I was quite shy as I felt rather out of place. The mini-conference of Refresh was mostly attended by designers - who both design and develop a project from concept to X/HTML. With Widemile, I get the designs from our creative department, code it up, and plop it into our testing platform. With my narrower skill set, I felt as if I wouldn't have anything much to contribute. (Until someone needs to know some advanced page optimization techniques, anyway.) I'll go back a few more times, at least.

I did go have a drink with some of the other attendees afterwards. I talked to a few people about stuff. We talked about the ways in which Vista sucks and Leopard rules, the curse of designer-itis, and how many people at the table had iPhones.


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