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Irony Fail, Cupertino.


Irony Fail, Cupertino Every time I've tried a couple of times to connect my Macbook Air to my desktop PC, I got only this picture at right. Being an old-school PC user, I immediately recognized this as a Windows BSOD; clearly an error which meant that I wasn't connected.

This weekend, the husband got a new work Macbook Pro with Leopard, and he laughed wildly at this screen. He pointed out that it says "Connected", and lo and behold, I can, in fact, see my PC's files through it. Curse it Apple; not everyone is used to irony in their operating system.

Katie Katie

While telling this story over the weekend, I heard this completely unsubstantiated rumor: Apple's code showing the BSOD image is marked with "remove before production".


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