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Why Aren't You Watching BSG?


If you're any kind of geek, you need to try the new Battlestar Galactica. Even you ladies with geeks should check it out. Yes, this is hardcore science fiction warfare, but sci-fi offers one of the freest mediums for storytelling these days. This is no space jaunt with fluffy haired flyboys and monkeys in space suits. Primarily, this an intensely engrossing drama, with real characters and real dilemmas.

Don't be shy, have just a little taste. Start with the 6 episode mini-series from iTunes or Netflix. How will you know you don't like it until you've tried it?

The new BSG is a very important part of geek culture. As the second half of the last season is approaching, the clock is ticking on geek-culture's ability to keep spoilers a secret. So, get hopping.


Tags: scifi

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