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I'm back from this year's August camping trip to Ohanapecosh at Mt. Rainier. It was a delightful escape from routine and technology. (Though there was one point at which I wished I'd brought my DS - the father in law wanted to play Chess, but Clubhouse Games won't do DS-swapping.) We took many hikes, and saw many pretty things. I'm looking forward to seeing the husband's picture of the rainbow at the bottom of the waterfall.

I was pleased with my performance on the hikes. In past years, I would become quickly sweaty and tired on short hikes. But I was able to enjoy the hiking much more this year. It's nice to know that my efforts at the gym this summer have made me stronger and more fit. I've been disappointed that I haven't seen a decrease in weight or inches after going to the gym so frequently.


Tags: self-improvement

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