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Famous Boats.


In other news of TV I like, we watch a lot of Deadliest Catch around our house. We feel a special sense of kinship with the crab fishermen because many of them and their boats live in Seattle, some even dock in Ballard.

My daily commute crosses a bride over the Fisherman's Terminal, where many working boats are moored. Frequently I'll look out the window, hoping for a peek of a "famous" Deadliest Catch boat.

I did see the North American for a few days. While I am charmed by Sten Skaar and his goofy sweaters, the North American just isn't a major player.

A couple weeks ago, the husband and I were at Shilshole avenue, and we saw the Wizard, parked in drydock. Now THAT's a famous boat. It was very large and impressive. We didn't manage to spot any Coburns, though.

An afterthought: Are these crab fishing vessels "boats" or "ships"? I sure don't want Sig Hansen yelling at me for calling his rig the wrong thing.


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