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jQuery - Core Table Functionality.


Check out this table. If you've got JavaScript enabled, you'll see alternating row colors and a highlight on the "hover row" - these are courtesy of jQuery.

Customer Date City Store ID Amount
ASH (A) 5/03/2006 Bellvue 16 508.51
BARBUR (B) 7/26/2004 Portland 13 8512.91
COUCH (C) 07/04/2006 Seattle 23 -4118.45
DIVISION (D) 07/11/2006 Tacoma 12 89.32
FLANDERS (NE) 09/22/2004 Centralia 24 480.41
HOLGATE (H) 12/2/2005 Bellvue 11 -56.15
BURNSIDE (B) 09/14/2004 Portland 17 600.64

This functionality is included in the core jQuery library. Check out my article for a detailed discussion.


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