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Red Velvet Notes.


I brought a dozen cupcakes into work yesterday, and they were much loved. Ah, instant self esteem. Unfortunately, I can only carry a dozen on the bus, so the cupcakes didn't last very long. If someone wants to give me a ride into work next time...

The recipe for the red velvet cupcakes differed (quite successfully) from the recipe I used for the chocolate cupcakes from last time. The Red Velvet recipe used shortening for the fat, which prevented them from being oily. The vinegar and baking soda was tremendously helpful in creating a very fluffy cupcake.

The bright bright red color comes from two large bottles of red food coloring. The red made a good "evil" color for Halloween, but would also make a pretty Christmas cupcake with some white frosting and silver or green sprinkles. Or they could be done up for Valentine's day. But green, orange, or any other food coloring could be used.


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