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Tetris DS.


Tetris DS is pretty damn good. It's back-of-your-eyelids good.

Unlike professional game journalists, I haven't already played Tetris to death. Though I've played my fair share of Tetris, I'm thoroughly enjoying this superb version of it. All the new modes are fun takes on your basic Tetris formula, changing it just enough to please me.

WiFi play is hella-fun. I often play during 'breaks' with my colleagues at work. I've played online (random WiFi opponents), and I'm please to report that I haven't had my ass handed to me too many times. I've even won a few matches. I was slightly creeped out to think that my opponents could be sitting on the can while playing...

PS - There's some kind of special item for Animal Crossing if you visit Toys R Us. I'll let you know how it works out.


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