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Services and Uptime.


In summer, Amazon's S3 service (an image hosting service which offers high bandwidth and speed for a low cost) went down for several hours. This put many of th internet's most popular start-up / web 2.0 applications reliant on S3 off-line for the duration of the outage.

Last month, Gmail went down (for some folks) for a few hours. This affected Google customers paying for their GAPE service, as well as businesses relying on GMail for their email service.

It strikes me as bizarrely unprofessional that organizations had no backup systems ready for the S3 outage, and just plain kindergarten that some people were relying on a clearly labeled beta service for business critical communications. If they'd thought about it, they would have known that those services were going to fail someday. Even a service with 99.9% uptime will be down for 8.76 hours in a year.

Consider your critical procedures. What's your backup plan?


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