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Thanksgiving at Our Place.


This year, the husband and I hosted Thanksgiving for the very first time. My mom, two sisters, and a sister's fiancé came up from Portland to celebrate with us. All in all, it went pretty darn well.

Wednesday night was the most troublesome. I tried to make some buttery warm yeast-based rolls, but the recipe didn't work. I found another recipe for rolls, but they required 24 hours of rising time. Alas, no rolls for Thanksgiving. The husband had some trouble with the first pie crust recipe, but a second recipe (with alcohol) worked much better. We stayed up pretty late on Wednesday, but eventually got enough done. Next time I host turkey day, we must take the entire Wednesday off for prep work.

Thursday was busy, busy, busy as the husband was cooking almost non-stop for a few hours. My mom was very helpful in the kitchen as the sous-chef, and even whipped up some fancy molded butter pats. I did a lot of dishes. The sisters were very entertained by the Wii; Boom Blox was a big hit, and one sister was enthralled by Bubble Bobble.

In the end, we had a perfectly roasted turkey, a sourdough bread stuffing, apple and sweet potato casserole, mushroom gravy, and a fancy salad of pears, candied walnuts and blue cheese; and a Tofurky for the "special needs" family members. We were especially pleased that we were able to provide a variety of food for the vegetarians. Vegan sides would be a challenge; and probably not very tasty either. And, of course, the husband's much lauded apple pie for dessert.


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