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Winter Update.


It's been cold cold cold in Seattle lately. We even got a bit of snow on Saturday night, and and quite a bit of it's still downtown. The cold has driven the kitties to sleep with us on the bed more frequently. I sure wish the new soup joint at the bottom of the building would open up already.

I've been doing a lot of baking lately. As a warm up, I made the some of the sugar cookies filled with jam from last year. Then I made some snickerdoodles; sadly, using a 75% shortening / 25% butter mix (instead of the normal 50%/50% model) didn't work too well. I'll have to try some different techniques for a nice fluffy snickerdoodle. Most recently, I made some gingerbread in a festive baking mold. Note gingerbread - not cookies - but a lovely festive cake / bread. Tasty!


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