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Do Not Taunt Seattle Weather.


Yesterday's Seattle news headline: Seattle paralyzed by chance of snow. It may sound bizarre, but the Northwest is known for this sort of thing; Seattle in particular. We have these completely serious tips for abandoning your car in snow.

Snowy Backyard Today's Seattle news headline: Beware of icy roads as temps fall. There were a couple inches on the ground in the morning, and it kept snowing lightly all day. The husband and I tele-commuted from home today. The cats love work from home days. We did walk down the hill to pick up some provisions and snap a few pictures.

The smart and lucky folks stay home. This kind of weather doesn't phase other parts of the country - it's only a few inches! But Seattle doesn't have infrastructure (such as an armada of snowplows) or the culture (snow-driving smarts) that Detroit does. We also have a lot of hills.


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