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Edith Wrap-up.


Remember the saga of Edith Macefield? She's the little old Ballard lady whose house was being eaten by a L.A. Fitness and a Trader Joes. She hadn't wanted to sell to developers, and eventually passed away in her home, as she wished. There was a rumor that she'd willed her house to the developer's construction manager, who'd been taking care of her.

News piece number one is someone vandalized Edith's fences with the messages "LA Fitness killed Edith" and "Save Ballard". Yet another example of how deeply Seattle values it's neighborhoods.

"News" piece number two is that that the New York Times has finally caught onto this story. (If the NYT website says you must register to read the page, just clear your cookies and refresh the page.) NYT was able to confirm that the construction manager was willed the house, and he'll sell it to help pay for his daughter's college. I'll be interested to see if and how the house gets integrated into the business complex.


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