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A Lament.


I am suspicious of the relationships between video game publishers and the many organizations in the video game press. It seems to me that there exist far too many cozy relationships between most reviewing organizations and publishing organizations.

I've been an EGM subscriber for many years, and that publication has always worked conscientiously to create a culture where reviewers could give accurate scores (good or bad); independent of the advertising that had been purchased in their pages. They've written trustworthy reviews with accurate and specifically described the features, pros and cons of the game under review. In fact, EGM (and it's sister website is the only video game magazine that I trust.

I have read other video game magazines in the past, and I found them lacking. Their coverage breadth was too shallow, and too many reviews were positive to the point of straining credibility. Also, there were far too many glossy shots of bosomy “hotties” - which I find irritating and disrespectful to the reader. The other magazines were not for me.

Alas, last week EGM and were sold from ZiffDavis, and the new owner has shuttered EGM, and let go much of the staff. Without EGM, it seems that Penny Arcade (a game-focused webcomic) will be my only remaining trustworthy source of game reviews. In addition to the webcomic, the writer Jerry Holkins shares his thoughts on video games that catch his fancy. I find my tastes run quite similar to his; I've purchased (and loved) Puzzle Quest and The World Ends With You pretty much on his say-so.


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