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Twitters are no Substitute for Blogs.


Have you been considering putting Twitter (or something similar) on your blog? Because just sitting down to write a proper blog takes too much time? Twitters aren't quite an exact replacement for blogs. I suggest that you consider the following.

First, make sure that visitors will see your Twitters as new content. Put them in the main content section on your page, instead of the rarely noticed sidebars.

Your return visitors are expecting whole blogs anyway. Mightn't they be disappointed with the quick but often random thoughts coming out of your Twitter?

Consider how your visitors will comment on your Twitters. Hint: They won't want to go through the effort of signing up for a Twitter account to do so.

Lastly, you know all of those "@someoneelse" Twitters that comment on someone else's Twitter? They don't make a lick of sense to your blog visitors. Try to find some way to hide them.

All in all, if the problem is that you can't write a long blog, the solution might not be Twitter. Just write a short blog - just a little bit of fluff about what you're thinking. Or if you want to get daring; just blog what you would have Twittered.

katrinarr katrinarr

Here here!! Twitter is not nearly as fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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