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On Friday night, the husband and I went to see Jonathan Coulton, singer / songwriter of the famed internet ballad Code Monkey.

Paul and Storm opened for Joco, and they were fantastic. I hadn't heard of them before; other than the husband telling some nonsensical story about P&S vs JoCo in some kind of Iron Chef-esqe songster showdown. They're great; hilarious and nerd-core. Check out their website and cast your vote for the Secretary of Geek Affairs.

I really enjoyed Coulton's set too. I'd never paid much attention to Skullcrusher Mountain before, and certain lyrics had me busting out in giggles. Everyone helped sing the Re: Your Brains refrain, and all the waving electronics devices (lighter-style) were beautiful during Still Alive.

I was glad I wore my boots to the theater - it was frickin' freezing. I didn't get to play DS with anyone, though. I guess we'll just have to go to PAX.


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