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300 Million Reasons to Optimize.


A recent article about web optimization and the visitor experience got a lot of attention - The $300 Million Button. It's a really exciting read - I recommend you check it out even if you're non-technical.

To summarize, by removing a "Register" button, and adding reassuring "you can just buy" language, the e-commerce site increased their conversions by 45%. (Forty five percent is huge - 300,000,000 dollars is ginormous.

One lesson I see in these results is that if you test big things, you can see big results. It probably took a ton of work to set up business rules and back-end support so that visitors could simply buy an item, without signing up. This effort paid off. The results of the testing are just another example of users despising the sign up. Think about it - do you need another password to remember?

(I suspect that the "major e-commerce site" is Barnes and Noble. I received the "you don't have to sign up" experience when I was shopping recently - and it was quite influential. It convinced me to just buy the item I was looking for, instead of hunting around for some easier way.)

Jared Spool, the usability tester and article author, is rather famous within the web design industry. I really appreciate Spool's sharing of his results, and the excitement that this article are bringing to the optimization industry. Both Spool and Luke Wroblewski will be speaking at a conference in Seattle in spring. I hope I get to go.


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