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Constant Vigilance.


I could have been T-Boned last week. But thanks to my driving instructor and my own paranoia, the Babydoll (Subaru Forester) and I are both fine.

I was stopped at a red light waiting to go straight. There was a separate left turn lane next to me with a big red van, also waiting for the green light. We got our green, so we started rolling forward.

While doing so, I took a peek down the left and right cross street, and saw nothing. I usually do this when I'm first into an intersection. It's a good habit since so many people do run red lights. I didn't notice anything, but I did see the red van stop, so I looked left again and saw a white van barrelling though the intersection. So I stopped and didn't get hit. After Runny-McRed-Light went though, I continued on my way.

It was no big deal at the time, but it's kinda scary in retrospect. That guy was hauling ass - obviously punching it to 'make the light' from his side. If he'd hit me, I'd have been in a bad way. I guess what I'm preaching here is constant vigilance - Mad Eye Moody style. After all, it's not paranoia if they really are out to get you. And they are.


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