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A Well Rounded Reader.


I have a reading compulsion. I must read everything - even if it's just the cereal box that I've read a hundred times before. This makes me a somewhat impolite seat-mate on the bus. If you're sitting next to me, my roving eyes will probably pick up quite a bit of what you're reading.

A couple of folks on my bus have been reading Outliers: The Story of Success. In one chapter, it talks about the 10,000 hour theory - the idea that those who excel at any one thing have invested thousands of hours doing that thing. The book points out the Beatles as having played clubs nightly before they broke onto the scene, for example.

This reminds me that JoCo spent a whole year writing, recording, and releasing one new song on his website / podcast each week. That's fifty-two times, folks. I imagine that Coulton may well have been thinking about next week's song even as he was posting the current one. Is it any wonder that he is now a successful musician? I propose that practice drives not perfection, (rarely achievable in reality), but success.

I suppose I shall have to pick up a copy of Outliers at the library and read all about this intriguing concept myself. When I am at the library, I shall also have to pick up a copy of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight. This will allow me to judge the novel on it's own merits, rather it's hype. And also the Zombie Survival Guide - which is apparently written by Mel Brooks's son!

katrinarr katrinarr

Ah shoot! I don't think I posted it right, so take TWO!! So as I was beginning to read this blog, I already knew what my comment was going to be, "YOU MUST READ TWILIGHT!!"... then I read to the bottom.. and look! YAY!! Katie is going to read Twilight!!! So now, my only suggestion is.. pick up all four books in the series at the same time. It will just save you time. Ya know, just BUY the books. I read them over ... and over ... and over... and over... well, you get the picture. Let me know what you think! Now I leave with only one question. Is it wrong to be in love with a fictional vampire?

Katie Katie

Surely I can borrow your copy, then? ;) I have seen several folks on bus the reading Twilight, or one of it's sequels. By numbers, Twilight does beat the one person reading World War Z.

katrinarr katrinarr

Ok so YES! You can borrow any of my copies of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse... Breaking Dawn...

Pompoonette Pompoonette

I want to read Outliers, because I am one. I am prrrrracticing rrrrrrolling my rrrrrrrrrs so that I can learn a foreign language. I keep the 10,000 time rule in mind.

I have an Amazon certificate so maybe I will go order me Outliers and Atlas Shrugged.


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