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Meet the Clickies.


Here's a little introduction to some of the links I've recently added to the "Clickies" section of my sidebar:

Freakonomics is a blog headed by the authors of the very popular book. It covers a variety of social topics with a bent towards economics and marketing. I really enjoyed the book, and the blog has new topics nearly every day. Several weeks ago, they did a Q&A with Mario Batali - Iron Chef and Washington native. And just this week, they did the same with Penn Jilette.

My mom and little sister turned me on to Cakewrecks, and I check it frequently. This Fireman Cake and its story makes an excellent introduction. An interesting fact - CakeWrecks creator Jen has "skippered Jungle Cruise boats" on her resume. I can't wait until I find a wreck to send in.


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