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Working with SOAP.


At the beginning of the year, I started fooling around with web services and SOAP.

Google offers a variety of Chart,Book Search and a Picasa API. Chart must be the simplest possible API out there: based on an image URL with a bunch of parameters, Google's server will create a custom image of a pie or bar or some other kind of chart. I haven't played with the other services yet, but they seem promising.

Xmethods offers a huge list of SOAP specific services, but many of the services offered are no longer in service, or just feel spammy. There are a few that seem promising though:

Other than the initial (and elementary) success with Google Charts, I've had a hard time working with SOAP. I'd really like some publicly available web services (that don't require registration) that I can use to request and recieve data? Can anyone suggest some?


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