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Almost Free Crepes.


A few yellow signs promoting a Saturday block party in our neighborhood were hanging around this week. I thought they were pretty cheap looking, but the husband pointed out a website on them - so we couldn't tell if it was some kind of marketing event or not. We resolved to check it out after going to the gym, we found that it was, indeed, a marketing event.

This "block party" was promoting a new quad of "townhouses" that had finished construction just up the street. I say "townhouses" because the units were 3 stories with the small footprint that is typical of townhouses, but they were actually free-standing houses with no shared walls. We toured the inside of the homes, and they're very very nice, but just very very small. The first floor has an entryway and a 1 car garage. The second floor has the kitchen / living room. The kitchen was beautiful, with small glass tile accents and a super wide window just above the sink. In fact, the all of the windows were huge - showing off the great views of downtown and Mt. Rainier, and letting tons of light into the rooms. The third floor had 2 bedrooms and a single bathroom - very well designed, but small.

I imagine that these homes would work for a single adult, but would be very cramped for even a small family. The advertised price is "from the $300s" - even $380,000 is a fantastic price for owning a home in Ballard. Seattle's home prices are suffering less than some cities, and Ballard is one of the better-off neighborhoods..

In addition to touring the houses, the "block party" had a firetruck and firefighters, a Zip Car kiosk, and free crepes from Anitas. (Well, the crepes weren't really free - the developer of the houses surely paid for them.) Yum - we love Anita's! I had a peanut butter and banana crepe, and it was delicious. And, much lighter on the calorie scale than those tricksy pancakes.


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