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Review - Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.


I finished reading Susanna Clarke's first novel, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell last week, and I can strongly recommend this delightful tale of 19th century magicians. Strange and Norrell was delicately crafted, extremely well written, and every character was strong and consistent to their nature.

The copious footnotes throughout the novel may seem excessive to the reader. But I thought that the footnotes were a very clever method of exposition that avoided long discussions with a know-it-all character. (Hermione, I'm looking in your direction.)

Not only is this one of the very few books that the husband read before I did, but it also one of his rare forays into something other than science fiction. In fact, I would classify this book in the fantasy category; as I would most of Neil Gaiman's work. One day, I do hope I'll convince him to give the delightful Jhereg series a try - but he's adamantly opposed to presence of dragons. (Though they were mentioned, no dragons participated in Norrell and Strange's adventures.)


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