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Review - Bad Astronomy.


I usually read two or three books simultaneously, not a single book as I may have led to you believe. Usually, I have a novel to read during lunch, and some non-fiction to read before bed (generally something scientific, gastronomic or historical). I may also have a technical book to read during my ever so rare downtime at work.

Last week I also finished my bedside book Bad Astronomy, by Phil Plait. Plait considers and corrects common misconceptions about earth and space sciences with a crystal clear and entertaining tone. Bad Astronomy may well be a spiritual predecessor to Mythbusters - author Plait and Mythbuster Savage are friends.

I especially encourage you parents of young children to pick up Bad Astronomy so that you can provide the correct and scientifically sound answers to their little questions. How many of you actually know why the sky is blue? I didn't, before I read Bad Astronomy.


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