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A New Hobby.


Making Glass I am starting a new hobby - glassblowing.

During last month's vacation to the Oregon coast, I blew my own glass float at Lincoln City Glass Center. I recommend trying it yourself if you can't find your own on the sand. I've signed up for a set of lessons at a local hot shop next month and I'm quite looking forward to them.

I enjoy that working with glass is both an art and a technical craft. Each finished piece is absolutely unique, and very different from more common 'arts and crafts'. Most of all, I like the permanence of glass pieces. Practically all of the work I do on computers is intangible, always changeable, and never perfected. Once glass is done, it's done, and it's going to last a very very long time.

A somewhat interesting fact: It's been a long time since Dale Chihuly blew the glass himself. He's more of a director and designer of glassblowing.


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