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Firefox - Zoom Text Only.


A somewhat recent update to Firefox 3 introduced an awesome new menu option: View> Zoom> Zoom Text Only. Is the text too small on your giant horking monitor, or a teensy tiny website? Simply check Text Zoom Only and bump up the text size. ("Control +" or "Control -" are the key commands to increase or decrease text size.) I find the text size increasing option a much better solution than whole page zoom - which tends to make images look ugly.

I use text zoom all the time for testing the flexibility of web page layouts. In fact, I first noticed Firefox's new menu option when I tried to increase the font size on a page and got the irritating full page zoom. But I was pleased to find the menu option to enable Text Zoom. Previously, it was only available using Firefox's about:config option (similar to the Windows Registry).


Tags: firefox keyboard-shortcuts tooling web-development

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