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Three Questions.


There are 3 questions that I must remember to ask when scheduling any doctor's office visit (other than a yearly checkup).

  1. What is involved with this procedure?
  2. Will you mail me the results?
  3. When should I expect results?

katrinarr katrinarr

I laugh! HA HA HA!!

  1. Numbing, cutting, stitching.
  2. Yes... or call if it is not good
  3. 4-7 business days.

Experience speaking... er... typing. Been there, done that, got the “its not good” call, went back, did it all again. WOOHOO!! And, I go back in 8 hours to do it AGAIN, in a different spot.

Can I safely guess that this was in regards to the suspicious mole?

Katie Katie

Yes, this was about the mole. The dermatologist offered to shave it off right away, but doing so would require several days of bandages and re-dressing. I put it off until after our trip to Hawaii.



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