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Hawaiian Fever, Part Two.


Waikiki Beach Sunday in Oahu was our own day, mostly because neither the PCC nor Pearl Harbor are open on Sundays. After breakfast and sunblock, we headed to the beach (right across the street). It was irresistible - the husband pulled off his sandals and jumped right in and I shortly followed. The water was clear and warm. For most of the day, We strolled up and down Waikiki beach at our own relaxed pace.

Me holding a tropical drink, complete with umbrella, pineapple, and maraschino cherry After an afternoon nap, we headed to the core of Waikiki for dinner. Eventually, we ended up at Cheeseburger in Paradise - not related to the nearby Jimmy Buffet's or his Margaritavilles. Here I am enjoying a tropical drink. You can also see the start of a "sunblock distribution fail" sunburn on my left arm; but it wasn't very bad. After dinner, we spent a few minutes on a beach pier looking at the tropical stars through a cloudless night. Hello, new stars!


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