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Hawaiian Fever, Part Seven.


These real chocolate pods were about 9 inches long. This day was our last full day in Hawaii. In the morning we toured Steelgrass Chocolate farm. The tour was mediocre. We did get to see live cacao trees with chocolate pods, as well as a vanilla orchid and some other exotic plants. But the farm was hot and humid, and the area we toured was rather small. We ended the tour with a tasting of a variety of dark chocolates. I enjoyed eating the chocolates, but I do not like tastings. It seems to me that a "tasting" is a lot of sitting around sharing adjectives. Given the cost of the tour - $60 - I wouldn't recommend it to other visitors.

In the afternoon, we went to Kapa'a and Hanalei and did a little more shopping. Kapa'a had a beautiful glass art gallery and a very unimpressive glass blowing shop; no glory hole - only a blowtorch and an oven! Finally, we capped our trip with one more round of snorkeling in the best spot on the island.

Hawaii, and Kauai in particular, were wonderful. We are scheming to go back as soon as we can. I shall have to start buying Powerball tickets.


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