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Is Captain Ron's the Dory Cove?


The Dory Cove was a tiny seafood joint just north of Lincoln City with a dining room full of seafaring kitsch. More importantly, it was the best restaurant on the Oregon Coast, and very likely served the best clam chowder in the world. Sadly, the Dory Cove burned down in late 2006.

Storefront for Captain Ron's / Dory Cove About a year later, a new restaurant opened up in Lincoln City - Captain Ron's. It appears that Ron's was the successor to the Dory Cove, inheriting their menu, cookbook and even some kitchen staff. Despite the somewhat less "vintage" appearance, the husband and I checked Captain Ron's out during our trip to the Oregon Coast this spring.

Menu from Captain Ron's / Dory Cove Captain Ron's may have a bit of an identity crisis, but it's rather less than the Dory cove, sadly. Short of a time machine, the Dory Cove is gone, and it will never be replaced. If you do go to Captain Ron's, go for the chowder; somehow it's not as good as at the Dory Cove, but it's quite good. Skip the fried seafood - it was all quite heavy on the "fried" and light on the "seafood".


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