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I love cupcakes in ice cream cones. There's the added cute factor, and it seems very appropriate to use edible material instead of cupcake papers. When I was a child, my mom made some delightful ice cream cone cupcakes that were decorated to look like clowns.

These cupcakes in ice cream cones appear to be barfing. Unfortunately, my ice cream cone cupcakes have never worked out well. This chocolate batter didn't finish baking in the expected 20 minutes, so I left them in for about 35 minutes. By that point, some batter had erupted out of the cones and over the side. The cupcake that remained protected in the cones tasted OK, but the cake encrusted on the outside of the cones tasted pretty burnt.

As you can see here, I frosted (dipped, really) and decorated them anyway. They look a little wrecky, but I think they're also a bit charming.


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