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U-Haul is the Suck.


We did a lot of moving a couple years back, and we've also helped friends move a fair number of times. We moved ourselves from a house in Beaverton to an apartment in Seattle. Nine months later, we moved from the apartment to a townhouse, with the help of Nice Moves. Next time we move, we will use the same great movers, but we won't use U-Haul.

Every time we've moved, we've used U-Haul. Every time we've picked up the truck or trailer, the U-Haul office was incredibly busy, and it took forever to get out of there and on with the move. (Because U-Haul is the first place EVERYONE thinks of for moving.) The last time we picked up a truck, the U-Haul employees were downright cranky.

We had U-Haul install a trailer hitch onto our Forester so that we could tow a trailer; but the hitch's electrical connection never seemed to work quite right. U-Haul's equipment always seems quite beat up. Also, our movers felt that U-Haul's trucks were lacking in features, and implied that better overall experiences could be had elsewhere.

Fortunately, there are options! I have found the price differences between U-Haul and its competitors to be negligible. I refuse to let U-Haul rest on the laurels of their greater brand recognition. I shall exercise my right - nay, my responsibility as a thoughtful consumer - and chose a company that works just a little harder for my business.


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