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Most Impressive.


I got a very curious email today. In fact, it was 2 copies of the exact same email. These emails notified me that my $1700 order at had shipped and provided a FedEx tracking number. Attached was a .zip file, with an .exe inside. Ah ha! Spam, with a side helping of trojan horse.

Being the paranoid sort, I cottoned on to the canned meat identity of this email pretty quickly. Nonetheless, I was impressed with the sophistication of this attempt. The email was full of authentic-looking details, such as package-tracking information, an offer to win a prize for filling out a survey, and a re-stocking fee notice. On first inspection, there are no typos, spelling or grammar errors. And the carrot! Details of $1700 worth of NewEgg goods, possibly coming for me, if I would but open the attachment! Social engineering at it's finest. Suffice to say, I managed to resist. Consider yourselves warned.

PS - I've shopped at NewEgg. It was a great experience and I do reccomend them.


Tags: paranoia

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