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Seattle's Dog Culture.


Seattle has a very dog friendly culture. But some aspects are a little too dog friendly for my comfort. (I'm talking about pet dogs here, not service animals. I don't buy into 'companion animals', by the way.)

You can bring your dog on the public bus. I've seen some very big dogs crammed under seats on some very crowded buses. Those dogs looked pretty stressed - and that's when trouble can occur. Last month I saw a little dog 'mark' a corner near the driver's seat. The owner did wipe the area with tissue, but that just doesn't clear up the cootie factor for me. I doubt that Metro buses get a daily cleaning.

Lastly, I've seen a couple folks carrying their purse-pooches in the grocery store. The grocery store. There's clear signage against that, but what does it say about the local culture that people saunter right on in, and the employees don't say anything? I want the store employees to proactively stop pets in the grocery store; I don't want to have to be the bad guy. Is there even any way to say "I'm creeped out by your dog in the grocery store" effectively?


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