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Advice for the Employed 1.


Are you employed? Congratulations! You've found gainful work in a dreadful economy. But don't rest on your laurels. There are more jobs out there, just waiting for the right candidate. (A friend recently earned a new job that even paid his relocation expenses.) Consider the following:

Is your job good enough? Does it pay the bills for the conceivable future? Do you have job security? Do you get enough vacation time? Does it offer opportunities for advancement? Does it pay for education or professional certifications? Does it have sufficient benefits for your longtime personal stability? Could your job be better?

Could your job be closer to home? Could you improve your quality of life with a switch to a different office, or even the same position at a different company?

The best time to look for a new job is when you already have one. You'll have the confidence to interview well. You can take your time to search for a good match. Your judgment won't be clouded by that desperation that accompanies unemployment.

Polish up your resume and check out those job sites. Go on an interview or two (remember that practice makes perfect). Find out what skills you're missing to qualify for new, better jobs, and learn 'em. At the very least, this will improve your negotiation abilities when review time comes. At best, you just might score an excellent new opportunity.


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