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Settlers and Munchkins.


PAX was not all video games & germ distribution. Tabletop gaming is a revered pastime, and it suffered no shortage of representation at PAX.

We had no trouble getting invited to a game of Settlers of Catan, simply by wandering around in the well-stocked board-game check-out room. Everyone else had a settlement on an ore point except me. At one point, after three ore-producing rolls in a row, I broke out the Monopoly card and took all the ore. Everyone acted so miffed! On the next turn, the player next to me also produced a Monopoly card and demanded ore. Good thing I had already built my city.

We also checked out a new game to try - Munchkin. We then had the good fortune to wander into the official Steve Jackson gaming area, where we played our first game under the excellent snarky tutelage of the demo staff. Munchkin is similar to Ninja Burger (which I've subjected friends and family to in the past) but much simpler. It is also hilarious! For playing the official Steve Jackson area, we each received a "Promotional Bookmark of Power" which play a practical joke on their owners. One bookmark allows a one-time special swag boost, but requires it's own destruction. But the other bookmark cancels the first bookmarks effects! I sure wouldn't mind owning a copy of this Munchkin game.


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