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Bewpubs and Bad Service.


Why is it that brewpubs often have the worst table service of any other restaurant type?

McMenamins is where the husband first developed a test for fine microbrews, and I have a well documented weakness for the Communication Breakdown burger. But going to a McMenamins always seems to be a 2 hour commitment.

While in Hawaii, we went to the Kona brewpub. While the beer was excellent (so says the husband), and the food was pretty good, we were "unattended" for some pretty long stretches.

Even Rogue's Issaquah Brewhouse has poor to fair service to go along with it's excellent beers (again, according to the husband) and mediocre food. But we'll continue going once a month or so because of their excellent location. (Near the glass blowing shop.)

Why? Are the typical patrons so enamored with delicious craft brews that the don't notice? Or am I, typically a non-drinker, just overly sensitive to not having my water filled? Is it because we choose to sit tucked away at a table, instead of at the bar?

Janet Janet

I agree. The only McMenamin's I've been to where there was good food and service is the Roadhouse where you took us for Mother's Day one year. The McMenamins establishments in Portland, including the Kennedy School that everyone seems so enamoured of, have lousy food. There are plenty of places one can go and get beer that's just as good and better food.

erommel erommel

The fancy brewpubs suck. You have to go to the ones without "atmosphere". The McMenamins at Mall 205 has good food and good service. The fancy ones like Edgefield and Kennedy school have horrible food and service. I wouldn't know about the beer since I dislike all beer equally.


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