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Glass Work - First Half of 2009.


Large glass beach float This is how it all started. In April, the husband and I took a vacation to the Lincoln City area of the Oregon coast. We combed the beach, but never found one of those delightful Finders Keepers floats. We happened upon the Lincoln City Glass Center, so I signed up to blow my own glass float - shown at right.

Blown glass pieces - flutter bowl, ornament, drinking glass, flowers and sculptures In June, I took a beginner's glassblowing class at Art By Fire. Here are all of the pieces I made during the four 4 hour classes - a bowl, a drinking glass, an ornament, paperweights and sculptures. The class was a ton of fun, it hooked me on glassblowing. Almost every minute that I wasn't doing it, I was thinking about blowing glass.

Blown glass pieces - flutter bowl, ornament, drinking glass, flowers and sculptures I take every extra opportunity that I can to work with hot glass. In addition to structured classes, Art By Fire also offers once a month special events where even the absolute beginner can walk in and (guided heavily by the pros) create a piece in 15 minutes. In the first half of the year, I made another ornament and two small bowls (also known as "roman bowls") during these events.

Glass flutter bowl close up Here is a close up of the glass bowl that I made during the beginner's class. I've filled it with the cute jack-o-lantern Lindt truffles for Halloween. The bowl will last much longer than the truffles.

Many thanks to the husband for his effort producing all these wonderful photographs.


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