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Halloween 2009.


Chocolate cupcakes with ghost frosting and eyeballs I made these ghost cupcakes for Halloween this year. I swiped the idea from a picture I saw online, though I can't remember where. These ghostly goodies are constructed from this chocolate cake recipe (bake regular sized cupcakes for 17 minutes), the "Love Buns" topping, and some eyeball sprinkles that I found at Cookies in Ballard. I've very pleased with how cute they looked, but the frosting did fall a little overnight. I think next time I'll try a full on seven minute frosting recipe.

We had just a few folks over for Halloween this year. I thought more people would be coming, but it turns out that we had just the right number for some focused game-playing. We started on the Wii with Boom Blox Blast Party, which is always fun. (We'll be keeping this copy from Gamefly). A bit later in the evening, we played an epic 6 player game of Munchkins (which the husband got for my birthday). The game was just complicated enough to keep everybody interested without being confusing. Munchkins is also, as I mentioned before, hilarious. Remember:

No one can help you! You must face the Gazebo alone.


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