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There is something very special about attending a live sports event with a huge emotional crowd. I've felt it with the Portland Winterhawks, and more recently with the Seattle Sounders FC. The strong human emotions of happiness and anger have a sort of feedback cycle intensifying the crowd's reaction to every call and play. Experiencing the elation of nearly 30,000 people cheering a goal is addicting, and well worth 90 minutes of standing up.

Last Thursday's first playoff match against the Houston Dynamo was an incredibly exciting 0-0 tie. It was amazing how my emotions got away from me - at one point I was furious with Houston's goalie, even though I had no idea why. Next Sunday's match, again versus Houston, will be very exciting. The Sounders have done better than any other rookie team in the MLS this year, but I believe that we have some more wins in us.


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