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New Glassblowing Shop.


I've started a Beginner's II glassblowing class at Seattle Glassblowing Studio in downtown Seattle. I switched shops since the shop where I took my first glassblowing class, Art By Fire in Ballard, closed. (Art By Fire still operates a shop in Issaquah, but I couldn't fit an evening class across the lake into my schedule.)

Changing glass shops reminds me of when I switched German language classes in high school. You see, I couldn't fit my vocational high school's German class into my schedule with my electronics engineering major and calculus courses. So I took an evening German class from the community college. Next year, I got on track with the high school class, but I was out of place. While each class probably contained roughly the same volume of learning, we had learned different things. (Apparently, I had also picked up a funny accent.)

In glassblowing class, I'm similarly out of place. In the new shop, the tools are in different places, the conventions are different (such cleaning my own tools, and how the annealer is loaded), and I'm working with a new group of people. (It's so tricky to learn to work with new partners.) I'm also intimidated by the extra 8 hours of shop time that Seattle Glassblowing Studio students have under their belts. Art By Fire's Beginner class was four 4 hour classes, while Seattle Glassblowing Studio's Beginner I class is six 4 hour classes.

In the new class, I have decided to allow myself to suck; or at least to give myself permission to work on learning, rather than being the best. (Everyone likes to be their best.) During this class, I will focus on getting practice under my belt. I will work on making punties and jack lines, and keeping my pieces on center. I will probably not come away with as many "showpieces" as compared with my last class, but I will certainly be a better glassblower. (I will be making plenty of showy work for the second half of year during all of the "quickie" workshops that I've picked up.)


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